Now What?

Our experience on the border is coming to an end. We have one more night in San Antonio before we head back north and leave our experiences to the mercies of our memories. For a brief time, the invisible of our society become visible to us. And now what?

There is a scene in The Sopranos when Carmela’s father tells her a piece of information. He then tells her that she now has a choice, she can never say she was never told that information ever again. It is her responsibility to decide how to use it.

We have had the opportunity over these last 10 days to not only see the living conditions of people in the colonias, but hear their personal testimonies. We have had the opportunity to learn about the history of Texas and the Rio Grande Valley and see the contrast in how it’s portrayed by dominant society. We have had the opportunity to experience border patrol inquisitiveness and witness the border wall as opposed to just hearing political candidates talk about the importance of it. The truth has been presented to us, we can never say we don’t know what’s going on again.

If we forget the women we met in Reynosa, if we forget the ministers and activists we met in the Valley, if we forget the stories we’ve been told or do nothing about injustices and crimes going on here, we will have just exploited these people in order for us to have a “powerful” experience. It’s a responsibility each of us will carry from now on.


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