Jesus is Given His Cross

I’ll never forget standing in the shadows of the maquilladoras. These majestic factories stationed in towering buildings, settled on manicured lawns, protected by a security force. I’ll never forget how intimidating these structures were to behold.

I’ll also never forget the colonias. The small portions of land, the dirt roads, the concrete floors, the smiling women and children. I’ll never forget how humble I felt to be inside the bedroom of one of the women of these colonias.

I’ll never forget the contrast between these two places. I can only imagine how intimidating it must be for these women, who are desperate for work, to enter into one of these factories. And I think it is purposefully presented that way.

Nothing in this world is more powerful than fear. What must Jesus have been thinking as he watched two men bring him the cross which he, by himself, will be forced to carry to Calvary? What must these women be thinking as they enter these majestic maquilladora parks coming from their beaten down colonia knowing they might not return home the way they left?

Knowing the rest of the story, I am amazed at Jesus courage. But he didn’t have a choice. Hearing the womens stories, I am amazed at there courage. But they don’t have a choice. So what do I do with the thousands of choices presented to me everyday?

I don’t know if I have the courage of Jesus. But I hope I do. I know I don’t have the courage of these women. But I pray I do. I know courage is decided in the choices we make everyday. Am I making the right ones? I hope I am.


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